Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Week Ending 17th April 2015

Monday Morning  - Meeting Adrian

Monday Mornng - Meeting Mike

Wednesday Morning - Meeting Mark Corden (Director) and Linda Morris (Business Manager)

Friday Morning - Meeting Mike, Mark Corden (Director) and Paul Winter (Director)

Monday Morning - Meeting Adrian. On our agenda:

  • preparation for the Board of Directors meeting
  • communication with Directors
  • update on business in hand

Monday Morning - Meeting with Mike. Tim Capps (Architect) joined us to talk through the plans for Phase 3 development at Chulmleigh Community College. This is an exciting project which completes the improvement and development of the buildings and facilities at the College. The work is possible because of the support of a grant from the Education Funding Agency.

Wednesday Morning - Meeting with Mark Corden (Director) and Linda Morris (Business Manager). Mark is the Chair of the Resources Committee. The agenda was focussed on the business of the Trust and a strategic look at finance plans.

Friday Morning - Meeting Mike, Mark Corden (Director) and Paul Winter (Director). The main agenda item was to consider the stratgic planning arrangements for the Trust and how a review of systems and process can contribute to a modernisation programme for the governance of the Trust.