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Week Ending 11th March 2016

This blog offers information about some of the involvement I have had with the Trust during the week. In addition to formal meetings there are regular communications between Mike (Executive Headteacher) and Adrian (Company Secretary).

This week's meeting and events have included

  • Meeting with Adrian
  • Meeting with Mike
  • Resources Committee meeting
  • Strategic Planning Group meeting
  • South West Academies Conference

It is now some time since I wrote my last blog. I am aiming to now reinstate my weekly blog which I will write and post during term time. I hope the blog provides a little information about the trust and my role as chair.

Monday morning meeting with Adrian (Company Secretary).

Every Monday morning I meet with Adrian to keep working on the business of the Trust. If for any reason it is not possible to meet on Monday we arrange another day in the week.  I send an agenda each week and Adrian adds to it as necessary. These are useful weekly meetings and keeps me well informed and focussed on Trust business.

Monday afternoon meeting with Mike ( Executive Headteacher)

Every Monday morning I meet with Mike to keep working on the business of the Trust. If for any reason it is not possible to meet on Monday we arrange another day in the week. Every Sunday I send a proposed agenda to Mike and he adds to it as necessary. We use the agenda as our focus for our meeting. This week the agenda included:

  • Staffing
  • Parent Advisory Group - actions
  • Update on developments and future arrangements for the Trust
  • Preparation for next Board of Directors meeting
  • Preparation for the Regional Academies Conference (on Thursday)
  • Arranging my next visit to CCC to look at Accelerated Reader

Tuesday afternoon

Attendance at the Resources Committee meeting. I had to chair as the chair of this sub-committee was unable to attend. The meeting included items about monitoring finance, updates on staffing and update on the building work at East Worlington Primary School and Chulmleigh Community College. Adrian minutes meetings of this Committee

This meeting was immediately followed by the Strategic Planning Group of Directors and Business Manager. The group exists to provide strategic thinking to the development and evolution of the Trust and address such issues as marketing and forward planning. Adrian minutes meetings of this Group.

Thursday all day

I attended the South West Regional Academies Conference with Mike. It was held at Sandy Park in Exeter. It was a very useful conference to enable a strategic look at the development of the academy arrangements both regionally and nationally. Sir David Carter, who is the National Academies Commissioner, provided a clear outline of the priorities for the future. There was a wide range of workshops and I attended two, namely Accountability of MATs - Professionalising Governance and Holding CEOs to Account, and Building Board of Directors with Support from Business Interests.

OPTIME and Primary School Newsletters

I value the newsletters from each Academy and I find them a very useful way to keep up-to-date. It's good to see OPTIME is now a weekly newsletter to share some of the work and activities at Chulmleigh Community College (this week with a focus on training for the Ten Tors Challenge) and the Trust. Primary Academies newsletters continue to be a wealth of interesting information.