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10 Tors Weekend

Two Chulmleigh Academy Trust teams in the 10 Tors event held this weekend. Chulmleigh students who didn't make the Chulmleigh teams joined other teams to take part.

I found it difficult to leave my computer for long this weekend as I was able to track on-line the progress of the Chulmleigh Community College teams on the 10 Tors event across Dartmoor. While this was not a race, and this had been reinforced by our dedicated staff James Britton and Adrian Wade, it was certainly a challenge. It was incredible to follow the progress of both teams from check point to check point. While it was not a race the times of both teams were incredibly impressive, between some check points I thought they must have been running.

I certainly consider this to be something that the students will remember for the rest of their lives and provide them with an esteem building experience. Parents must be very proud, and rightly so of their children. As Chair of the Board I just followed the event with admiration. Many things came to mind about their achievement, how resilient and determined the young people are, how well they work in teams and support each other, and how well prepared they were spending hours building up to the event developing skills, knowledge and understanding and stamina.

It is also important to praise other Chulmleigh students who didn't make the Chulmleigh teams but joined teams from other organisations just to take part. This just shows the character of young people that attend Chulmleigh Community College.

Well done and congratulations to all.