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Autumn Reflections and Thoughts

It's being a busy time at Chulmleigh Academy Trust and a Sunday morning walk has provided me with an opportunity to reflect and reaffirm my ambitions and commitments.

It is now a few months since I added to my blog. It has been a busy time with many things to celebrate and some challenges to work on. My passion for education continues and is hopefully reflected in my ambitions for the pupils and students. staff and schools of our Multi-Academy Trust.

During the first half of this Autumn Term I have visited all our schools and learned about their work, priorities and achievements. It's reassuring to learn about the  professional development that is possible by all our schools working collaboratively. Greatest professional learning can be achieved when teachers work with teachers on professional challenges and projects.

The GCSE results at our College were outstanding and a real compliment to the hard work and dedication to learning of our students and staff. Our outcomes improve year on year. We know this is achieved not due to a final 'race to the line' but as a result of a continuing and progressive learning journey through all the years of schooling. Our strong belief as a Multi-Academy Trust in  learning from 2 to 16 (and beyond) is showing benefits in the progress pupils are making across our schools.

I believe the best schools do a wide range of things well - academic achievment and attainment, cultural enrichment, personal development, creative expression, physical activity enjoyment and achievement, and social and moral development - all which raise and support the highest possible self-esteem, confidence and resilience of our pupils and students. I can find all these excellent features at Chulmleigh Academy Trust schools.

The Chulmleigh Pre-school Company is now up and running and this is providing a sustainable and high quality provision to enable children to have the best educational start in their lives.

To the future. I want to share the opportunities and outcomes that our Trust offers to our pupils and students to as many children as possible. I have a real ambition for growth as a 'systems leader' offering professional development and support to other schools, and encouraging other schools and school partnerships and alliances to work with us on shaping the future landscape of education.

At the heart of this is my belief that children deserve the  best and we must do all in our power to ensure they get a 'good deal'.