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Week Ending 16 December 2016

End of a Term and Christmas themes are present in all our schools

Christmas is with us

This week certainly had the flavour of Christmas. During the week I have visited three of our primary school to attend their Christmas presentations. This continued from last week when I attend the Christmas Concert at Chulmleigh Community College and the Christmas Fayre at Chulmleigh Primary School.

Attending all the different events in all our schools demonstrated the wide range a talented pupils and staff within our Trust. One pleasing aspect was to see every school was different and each performance reflected the strengths of each school and community culture within which they are located. I have the fullest admiration for our amazing staff who work with our pupils to such high standards of performance and for our incredible pupils who should great confidence and ability.

On Monday Chulmleigh Primary School held their KS2 musical concert. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this event but I had a detailed report and it sounded absolutely brilliant. It was praised highly by those who did see the performance.

Lapford Primary School presented two plays with a Christmas theme extravaganza. Oak and Holly classes performed a play called ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ and Hawthorn class a play called ‘All I Want for Christmas’. Both plays were full of fun and enjoyment with the children telling each story through songs, dance and acting. The creativity that had gone into creating such wonderful plays was very evident and the energy generated by the pupils in each play had the audience foot tapping and lots of big smiles – happiness.

East Worlington Primary School presented a Carol Concert and Nativity based in the adjacent village church. The event was a full programme of readings, individual pupils performing with musical instruments, singing and acting. The quality of instrument playing and singing is well worth highlighting for its quality. The crescendo was Y5 pupils singing Hallelujah while all other pupils left the stage. The impact was so powerful it was a strong emotional experience.

Burrington C of E Primary School held their Christmas event called ‘Silent Night’ in the local Parish Church. There was carol singing, prayers and the main part of the performance the pupils presenting their play which was called ‘Silent Night’ The play revealed how the carol became an important part of Christmas with some very impressive acting and singing. The finale, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ sung and acted by all pupils and staff led by Mr Walter, was a sight to behold and brought great fun and joy to the audience.

At all the events it was great to see all the support from parents, families and members of the respective communities. This support is so important for the children and staff would put so much hard work into making these events very special. I am sure there were many proud parents and family members.

At East Worlington and Burrington the Reverend Tony Rockey attended and it was good he was able to see the performances at these schools. He briefly reminded us all about the meaning of Christmas as an integral part of each programme, and praised the children for providing such wonderful performances.

Strategic stuff

While Christmas has dominated my time this week strategic work continued. I held my weekly meetings with Mike and Adrian on Monday and remained in touch of a regular basis. Time has also being spent this week working with Adrian and developing a strategic overview of the Trust’s ambitions to help the Regional Schools Commissioner our strategic intent.

I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year