Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Week Ending 06 January 2017

First working week in 2017

The first week back at school following the Christmas holidays. At my weekly meeting with Mike (on Wednesday) we had a strategic discussion and start of the year overview of the Trust and its school. While at Chulmleigh Community College I had the opportunity to have a tour of the building works and see progress. The work is progressing well and it’s great to see the different spaces taking shape as future teaching areas.

Adrian has developed some important models that show the Trust's strategic ambitions and potential and it was useful time for me this week considering these and clarifying how to support future developments.

One of the issues that has been a focus of my attention this week has been the proposals by Central Government about a national funding formula. It initially appears that there will be no ‘new’ funding, but a possible redistribution of existing available funding. This is of some concern as some areas and some schools appear to remain underfunded to meet their educational needs. In the coming weeks I’ll be learning more to assess the impact on the schools of Chulmleigh Academy Trust.

The year starts with much optimism and focusing on the strengths of the Trust provides an encouraging picture about the planned outcomes for the year and the opportunities for learning open to all our pupils and students.