Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Week Ending 21st November 2014

Monday Morning - Weekly meeting with Adrian and Mike

Monday Morning - New Director Induction meeting

Tuesday Afternoon - Resources Committee


Monday Morning - Weekly meeting with Adrian. Our agenda included:

  • New Director Trust Orientation and Induction meetings
  • Directors' Training
  • CCC Self-evaluation documents
  • PAG agenda

Monday Morning - Weekly meeting with Mike. Our agenda included:

  • Follow-up from CCC Monitoring Directors Group
  • T&L Committee agenda
  • Self-evaluation information
  • Business Development
  • Pupils' information around schools (e.g. school pupil numbers, etc.)
  • Staffing around all the schools

Monday Morning - New Director induction meeting. We have appointed a new Director, Sally Anoyrkatis. The Trust has an induction programme for all new Directors, this includes an induction information pack, an induction meeting with the Chair and Headteacher, and an orientation to the Trust and the Trust's schools and business. This meeting with Sally offered information about the Trust, including vision, values, goals, ambitions etc.,  how the Directors work including roles and responsiblities and meeting structures, and orientation to the Trust's schools.

Tuesday Afternoon - Resources Committee. This Committee has a remit for finance, human resources, facilities and health and safety. The Committee is chaired by Mark Corden and Directors on this Committee are Mark, Gary Barlow, Debbie Szydlowski, Keith Greenwood, David Worden, Mike Johnson and Steve Baber. Our accountant attended this meeting for one agenda item to discuss the year-end accounts for the Trust and these were scrutinised by the Committee.