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    Don't worry if you missed our Key Stage 2 Open Evening - just give us a call on 01769 580215 and we'll happily arrange a tour of the school at a time to suit you. Every day is an open day!

    Week Ending 3rd October 2014

    Monday Morning - Weekly Meeting with Mike. The agenda included:

    • Pupil Premium Students
    • Tour of Chulmleigh Community College to visit all the classrooms
    • Head Boy and Head Girl arrangements

    Monday Morning - Attended the confirmation of Head Boy and Head Girl meeting at morning break. Year 11 students were present. Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen through votes from Year 11 students and staff.

    Monday Morning - Visit Chulmleigh Primary School to meet Tracey Dodd. Tracy provided an overview update of Primary Schools. The year has started well and Senior Teachers are working well together and with Tracey to provide leadership for Primary Schools.

    Monday Evening - Meeting with Adrian. The agenda included:

    • Website
    • Communications and use of technology to support Directors
    • Any final preparation for Board of Directors
    • Planning Process Report
    • Correspondence

    Monday Evening - Academy Parent Advisory Group meeting at Chulmleigh Community College. Parent representatives from all the Trust's schools come together to share information and discuss issues relevant to all schools. The main topic at this meeting was Homework.

    Tuesday Morning - Visit Lapford Primary School. The school was hosting the visit of the 'Space Dome' and primary school pupils from all Trust schools were at Lapford to go into the Dome and learn more about space. I visited the Dome with Key Stage 1 pupils. It was a very stimulating and experiential exparience teaching pupils about our solar system.

    Tuesday Afternoon - Board of Directors Meeting. This was the first Board meeting of the new academic year. We reviewed last year's Board arrangements and confirmed, for the coming year, Committee's membership, the link schools for each Director, and specific Director link responsibilities. The agenda included self-evaluation information, pupil perfromance data and improvement planning; an update on SEN changes and development; and the review and approval of several Trust policies. At the meeting we appointed a new Director to fill the vacancy on the Board.

    Thursday Afternoon - Attended a multi-agency meeting