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    Don't worry if you missed our Key Stage 2 Open Evening - just give us a call on 01769 580215 and we'll happily arrange a tour of the school at a time to suit you. Every day is an open day!

    Reflection on the Trust's Academies

    I had the opportunity this week to reflect on the strengths of Chulmleigh Academy Trust Academies and the Trust itself as I was involved with Mike Johnson and Tracy Dodd with a presentation to Taw Valley Federation Governors as they consider their future in joining a Multi-Academy Trust.  I have had the fortunate career of working within Education both in schools and across different Local Authorities and this experience has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the quality of education provided by schools.

    This experience enables me to compare schools and appreciate their individuality, strengths and areas for development. It is with unashamed pride that I look at each of our schools and think "brilliant." Each of our schools performs well in many aspects which support the learning and personal and social development of all our pupils and students.

    What is clear across our family of schools is that the relentless focus on achievement, behaviour for learning, relationships with others and 'whole child' development has a major impact on all our pupils and students and leads to excellent academic and personal and social development outcomes.

    As with most schools the real work and exciting learning happens inside the school, and those not in  a school or associated with a school often don't have the opportunity of observation. I encourage our Trust to have an open door policy and, through appointment, I hope that parents, carers, family members and those interested in learning about high quality eduaction contact us and come and see for themselves.

    We have high quality staff and make consistent appointments of excellent new staff when vacancies occur. Those applying for positions do tell us that professionally they want to work with schools in the Trust as the reputation goes before us.

    I am pleased to confirm we deal decisively and speedily with issues that hinder good learning and we have a track record of recognising and celebrating the achievement of our pupils and students across our schools.

    In future blog posts I will focus on some of the features of our Trust that confirm our quality and excellence. So keep following my regular blogs to keep in touch with my reflections on our Academies.