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Year 8 Visit Torrington in the Seventeeth Century

Year 8 visit Torrington 1646 to learn about the civil war

Over the course of two days, Year 8 visited Torrington 1646 to learn about life in the seventeenth century and the crucial civil war battle that consumed the town.

We arrived in Torrington to be met by some intriguingly dressed characters who welcomed the “masters and mistresses” into their grounds. Over the course of the day some of the pupils had ‘state of the art’ 17th Century operations performed on them, most of which included a saw and what looked like a butcher’s chopper. The barber’s stories were so gruesome and his methods so graphic, many left his company feeling more poorly than when they arrived. Explanations of how witches were dealt with just added to a grisly picture of the time. We also had a tour to see what 17th Century life was like and some students got to try on the armour and costumes of the day.

Urine seemed to feature regularly in seventeenth century life. Several visitors commented on the wide range of uses for something so often discarded nowadays. It was used to make gunpowder, soften leather, treat a wound, clean your musket and even wash your clothes. Lovely! 

The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyed and it remains a fantastic way of bringing history to life.                                                                                                                                                     

Conrad Stevens