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Jean Buckingham

It is with great sadness that we report that Jean Buckingham, who worked in our library for almost 30 years,  has passed away after a long illness.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jean Buckingham after a long illness.  Jean worked at Chulmleigh Library for nearly 30 years, passing on her own passionate love of books and reading to generations of children and adults.

One of the things that Jean loved best was Story Time with the youngest primary children.  The children were enthralled to hear her stories and often asked where Jean was if she was not there when they visited.   Colleagues described Jean as being like ‘a breath of fresh air’ when she arrived for work.  Parents who now bring their children in to the library remember being inspired by Jean when they were children.

There have been a great many changes during the time that Jean worked in the College but the library, and Jean’s role within it, has remained a constant resource for both our young people and the wider community.   Jean had been a Governor and was secretary of the PTA for a number of years.  Her love of music and singing led her to take part in several school productions, including ‘Oliver’.

The funeral will take place on Friday 30th January at 11 am at the Congregational Chapel in Chulmleigh.