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Spiders, snakes, birds and more!

KS 2 and 3 students enjoy Science Day

Friday 20th March was the date for our annual Key Stage 3 and Year 6 Science and Technology Day.  It took place during British Science Week, and on the day of the partial solar eclipse.

The day was organised along the same lines as last year, Year 7 followed the theme of living things with presentations from Steve Eddy of Exmoor Zoo who brought along a meerkat and other small animals, Joe de Witt Vine of Reptobug introduced a selection of snakes and spiders, Nigel Palmer of Owls R Us showing groups six different birds of prey and Mrs Parker making animal houses.

Year 8’s theme was space which involved making rockets with Wonderstruck UK, touring the solar system with Dr Simon Ould in the Space Odyssey Dome, making an “eclipse in a classroom” with Mrs Thurgood and going on a mission to Mars with Mrs Liversedge.

Year 9 looked at forces including tricks with forces presented by the ExplorerDome team from Bristol, forces in road accidents with Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, forces in Circus Skills with circus performer Ben Cornish and parachuting eggs with Mrs Wall and Mrs Tancock.

Year 6 investigated microclimates with Mr Godwin, food technology with Mrs Hogg and making moisture meters with Mr Ashby.  Each Year 6 group also experienced one of the sessions from other Year groups.

Every year group attended Engineering from Cradle to Grave, a lecture/demonstration from Zoe Gamble of Cardiff University. This covered a wide range of bio-engineering from ultrasound scans to 3D printing replacement organs to principles of cryogenics.

I am very grateful to all those who contributed to the day which showcased a wide range of science and engineering.

Nick Brown

Student quotes:

“ I loved Science Day it was really interesting. I learned a lot of facts about animals and engineering. My favourite part was when I held the snake!”    Niamh Wiseman. Year 7.

“Science Day was a great experience and change in routine from what we’re used to. Some of the things we did would not be available in a school lab and seeing things like Science Tricks and how to juggle gives you a practical view on Science.”  Mostyn Dickson. Year 9.

“Science Day was fun and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed making parachutes and Science Tricks. I learnt a lot of new things.” Ann Stone.  Year 9.

“I really enjoyed Science Day as it provided opportunities that we would not get in the classroom, such as frying eggs with liquid nitrogen. However my favourite part was viewing the eclipse as it was interesting and something we had never seen before.”  Tabby Bedford. Year 9.

“My favourite part of Science Day was Engineering from Cradle to Grave. The reason for this is that I had a portable ultrasound used on the back of my neck.”  Callum Lakeland. Year 9.

“Science Day was an amazing day because it was different. I really enjoyed it as we got to discover animals which we don’t see every day. It was also great fun to see our old friends from primary school.” Immy Dart.  Year 7.

“My favourite part of Science Day was the Zoo because the men made us laugh and we got to hold all the insects. I liked the owls and I learnt a lot about them.”  Patrick Brady. Year 7.

“On Science Day my favourite part was the zoo. I liked the zoo because I have never felt a snake before, or a meerkat, and I did on that day.”  Lily Eastman. Year 7.

“The best part of Science Day for me was the rockets because you got to make it and fly it.”  Michael Woolacott. Year 8.

“The presenter of Engineering from Cradle to Grave made it fun by using balloons put in liquid nitrogen. It was a shame we did not all get to see the eclipse.”  Lucy Stephenson.  Year 8.

“I enjoyed the planetarium because we learnt a lot about space.” Lizzie Davies.  Year 8.

“ I like the fact that we all got involved in activities such as the rockets, building an eclipse and using a van der Graaf generator.”  Lucy Penelhum. Year 8.