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Geographers on the Gorge

Year 10 students experiment in Dartmoor National Park

On the 16th May, Year 10 Geographers travelled to Dartmoor National Park to compare two different sections of the river Lyd as part of their GCSE studies.  

Annabel Hunt, student, said "once on Dartmoor my group trekked off to measure a part of the river Lyd near to its source. The first task was to find the river - a simple task it would seem, although the large OS maps wreaked havoc among the less co-ordinated of us! On arriving at our destination we measured the river’s velocity, depth, width and size of the rocks on different parts of the river bed."

The next stop was Lydford Gorge where, after lunch, the group set off with Mr Covington to visit the Whitelady Waterfall and take second measurements.  The trek was quite a challenge but well worth it for the first sight of the waterfall and the Devil’s Cauldron which were spectacular!

A very successful trip which all students will benefit from greatly.