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Chopped for Charity!

Generous students donate their hair to charity.

Two of our students, Zara Davey and Stacey Wood have recently had hair cuts, donating their lovely locks to charity.  You may recall reading about Zara in Issue 141 of Optime.

Stacey had her long hair cut recently and decided that, rather than end up in the hairdresser’s bin, she would donate the twelve inches of hair to children fighting cancer.  She said “I have a good life and children with cancer must find it hard with people looking at them funny but they are still the same person, still loved and still beautiful so I donated my hair to the Little Princess Trust”.  Stacey’s mum hopes that her actions will inspire others to donate hair for the benefit of others and is very proud of Stacey who has also raised £95 for the charity but is keen to reach her target of £100.

Well done Stacey, we’re sure you will and we’re very proud of you too!