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Head Boy achieves Gold!

Silas Welsh achieves the Gold Arts award

Congratulations to Silas Welsh who has achieved the Gold Arts Award through Beaford Arts.  He says "towards the end of Year 10 I was offered the opportunity to do a Gold Arts Award.  This was a project outside of school coordinated by Caroline Preston from Beaford Arts.  To complete the award I had to fulfil certain criteria - for Unit 1 this included doing a couple of workshops, attending a professional performance, studying the works of a professional in the arts sector, doing a week’s work experience or two training days and, for Unit 2, putting on a show/performance/exhibition."

Silas went on to explain "throughout the Arts Award I studied a new art form.  For me this was photography, and so for my work experience I spent 5 days in the photography department of Plymouth University.  This really helped me understand how to use a camera properly and effectively and comprehend what makes a good photograph.  

I went on the Uganda school trip in February and, whilst out there took many photographs with my new DSLR camera that I had bought after being inspired by my work experience.  Having all these images, it made sense to put on a slide show for Unit 2.  This I showed at home, to an audience, and in several assemblies at school so that everyone could get a better idea of what the trip was like.  Doing this Arts Award has helped me in many ways: I now have a much greater understanding of the arts world, it helped boost my confidence in performing and I’ve come out of it with a lot more experience and knowledge than when I started - all of which will hopefully help me find a footing in the future,"

Well done Silas, we're sure it will!

PS - click here to read about (and listen to!) the Radio Devon interview by Silas, Head Girl Alex, and Mr Johnson