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Ten Tors 2015

The College's first Ten Tors teams in years do us proud!

For the first time in several years, Chulmleigh Community College entered teams for the Ten Tors Challenge, and the students involved proved themselves a credit to the College.

We had two fantastic teams in the 35 mile event. Every member of those teams have worked incredibly hard in their training over the last few months, and on the day, we had a mixed team of two girls and four boys, and an all-girls team. At 07:00 precisely, the artillery guns fired, and both teams set off, in opposite directions, into the heavy rain full of enthusiasm and determination, leaving the rest of us in suspense as the online systems sporadically updated throughout the weekend.

Mixed Team

Unfortunately, the mixed team had difficulties fairly soon on Saturday, and had lost (though not literally) two members by the afternoon. This inevitably slowed them down, but the four remaining team members did a fantastic job of regaining time over the rest of the day. Sadly, however, due to minor injuries on Sunday morning, they didn't make the crash time (the deadline for reaching a checkpoint) for Postbridge on Sunday, and had to bow out of the competition. While the team members were obviously disappointed, they can be very proud of what they did achieve. Getting through the training alone takes real commitment and determination, and their ability was never in doubt, but fortune proved to be against them on the day.

Girls' Team

The girls' team made excellent progress during the first day. On the second day, they reached Chat Tor at 13:14, leaving them just 1h 46m to reach Prewley, the last checkpoint before the finish (15:00 was the crash time at Prewley). The very fastest teams in the competition were doing this stretch in around two hours. We knew the girls would be exhausted and probably in some pain by that stage in the competition, and we worked out at that point that they would have had to increase their speed by around 50% to make it. To make things worse, a heavy fog had settled around Chat Tor.

That should have been the end for the girls, but, incredibly, they made it to Prewley in just 90 minutes, making them the second fastest team in the whole competition between those two checkpoints (and only a few minutes short of the fastest team). The girls must have been getting to the end of their physical reserves, and nothing but sheer courage and determination could have got them through that stretch of the moor at that speed.

They left Prewley and arrived at the finish line at 16:30, with half an hour to spare, to be greeted by some very proud parents.

The girls' team were: Lucy Houghton (team leader); Laura Fraser Smith (lead navigator); Alice Herniman; Hannah Parker; Millie Vincent, and Poppy Slattery (a reserve from The Park Community School, who joined our girls at the last minute!).

The mixed team were: Greg Greenwood (team leader); Emma Groves (lead navigator); Caitlin Hannam; Spike Axford; Tim Laarveld; Tom Jarratt.

It was a very good year for the College. In addition to the college teams, two more of our students completed the event with their respective scout groups in excellent time: Thomas Mann and Jack Povey.

We will be publishing photographs of the event and more comprehensive reports shortly – please keep checking back.

Well done everyone!